Monday, October 29, 2012

Trend Alert- Skull Scarves

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I'd do a feature on a sPoOoOkY trend I've been seeing a lot of - skull printed scarves.

Back several years ago when I was in middle school, skulls were solely worn by the goth emo kids.  I remember this one girl in my class, Megan, who dyed her hair jet black, wore black lipstick and nail polish, and had tons of chunky skull jewelry.  At a school where the girls lived in Abercrombie jeans and Tiffany charm bracelets, and slathered their lips with pink Lancome Juicy Tubes, Megan clearly stood out.  Rumors swirled that Megan was obsessed with death and performed sacrificial rituals on her pets (oh, middle school girls).  

Little did we know, Megan was ahead of her time.  Nowadays, black nail polish is considered chic, not gothic - just take Chanel's top selling Black Satin polish.  And wearing a skull bracelet doesn't mean you are morbid or emo, it means you are edgy and stylish. 

So where did this trend come from?  When did a look that was once associated with death and darkness become fashionable?  I can't say for sure, but Alexander McQueen certainly played a huge part in the rise of this look.  Known for his creative and avant-gard styles, McQueen's styles broke social norms.  From his unique tailoring to extreme silhouettes, McQueen's runway shows shocked the fashion world.  

Despite such a tragic death, McQueen's legacy lives on.  His signature skull scarf is a celebrity must-have- Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Johnny Depp, and Cameron Diaz are among the many stars who have been spotted wearing this iconic piece.  

While I would looooove to buy the McQueen skull scarf, my budget just won't allow (especially since I cracked my iPhone this weekend and now have to pay to replace it- oops!).  Lucky for me, and many of you other fashionistas out there on a budget, stores like Topshop and Brandy Melville have designed affordable versions of this sought after accessory.  YAY!! 

Topshop, $35

Zara, $25

ASOS, $21

What do you think of the skull scarf trend?  

To those of you out there in the NYC area - stay safe!  Since my classes were cancelled, I'll be spending my day in bed watching the Real Housewives marathon :)

xo, H


  1. I love skull scarves, I've had one for many years now :) So nice! x

  2. Such a fun trend! Loving the TopShop scarf!


  3. I sooo want an McQueen scarf, soooo bad ! But it's nut in budget either, so I'll definitely look out those more affordable options ! Thanks !
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog ! Let me know if you want to follow each others !
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  4. I think is about the taste, I´m not into this trend, is not my style... your blog is so great... please come visit my blog and if you like it let me know if you would like us to follow each other to be in contact...

  5. looove this trend! I"m so happy it's been around for years, proving that it's becoming timeless :D

    XO Sahra


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