Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Parisian Dreams

Every winter, my family goes on a vacation to a place we've never been before.  We all vote on the place, but ultimately my parents make the final decision.

Here's where we've been the past 5 years:
  • Hawaii
  • Mexico
  • St. Thomas
  • Dominican Republic
  • Barbados
See a pattern?  Now, I'm not complaining.  Traveling to these beautiful beaches is amazing.  Most of my days are usually spent tanning by the pool sipping a pina colada.  It's the kind of vacation that most people want.  But each year my parents ask for my vote, my response is the same - PARIS.  

I've been in love with Paris for as long as I can remember.  I used to print out pictures of the Eiffel Tower and tape them all over the room.  Audrey Hepburn's quote "Paris is always a good idea" is still hanging above my desk.  And I can never get enough of those Gossip Girl season 4 episodes when Serena and Blair are in Paris.  Is it normal to be so obsessed with a city you've never been to?

As an avid fashion lover, I guess my fascination with Paris is really no surprise.  Chanel, YSL, Dior, Givenchy... the list of Parisian couture houses goes on and on.  After all, what city is more fashionable and glamorous than Paris? (NYC don't worry, I still love you too!)  

< house of Dior

Lucky for me, my school offers a semester study abroad program at the American University of Paris. Right now I am in the process of applying, so keep your fingers crossed for me!  It would be an absolute dream.  

Have you been to Paris?  Tell me all about it so I can live vicariously through your adventures.  I'll keep you updated on my application process!  

Au revoir!

xo, H



  1. I love Paris, it's a dream place! I went there a few years ago and just loved it! I hope you get accepted, you'll love it!! Happy Halloween x

  2. oh, i do hope you'll get to paris! i studied there in college and recently went back and it was the inspiration for starting my blog! i absolutely love that city and you will as much as you imagine. keep us posted on how it turns out!

    thanks for checking out my blog! i couldn't follow you on bloglovin but i followed via GFC.

  3. I wish I've been to paris, I've never been out of the country before. I really really want to go to Europe one day.

  4. Oh.... Paris!! big love!
    great pics!!

    Angela Donava

  5. Paris is big love!

    I would be happy if you find 5 minutes to check my blog :) xoxoxo

  6. You have been in so many amazing places! Paris is really awesome. One of my favorite places together with NY:)
    Following you on GFC and Bloglovin!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  7. I hope you get to go one day, it's magical! I love the photo of Serena and Blair, love their style in that picture!



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